breads & scones

other breads & scones

The following breads and scones are also available to order at any time (I just have to take the photos for here!):

  • Granary loaf – brown soda bread made with malthouse flour
  • Tournesol – white yeast bread with a sunflower seed crust
  • Pantry loaf – seeded wholemeal yeast bread
  • Pizza dough – balls of pizza dough ready to be rolled out and cooked at home
  • Focaccia – topped with herbs & sea salt (extras include sun-dried tomatoes or olives)
  • Soft bread rolls – white yeast rolls, perfect for lunchbox or with soup
  • Olive and herb bread sticks
  • Party pinwheels and pastry sticks
  • Fondue bread – flat yeast bread, pre-cut into cubes, ideal for dipping into cheese fondue
  • Lemon & poppy seed scones – €1.75 each, minimum order of 4
  • Brown scones – €1.75 each, minimum order of 4
  • Cheese scones – €1.75 each, minimum order of 4

I hope to have a gluten-free brown soda bread on offer very soon. I’m currently developing a recipe that really works – one that doesn’t resemble a concrete block after a day!